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Turning Grief into Gratitude
Reflections and Recommendations on Mourning and Condolence

A friend dies. What do you say to comfort his family? How do you overcome your own grief after the passing of a loved one?

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Meet the Author
Rabbi Dr. Reuven P. Bulka

“...valuable to those who wish to offer comfort but are terrified of saying something inappropriate.”
                                                 —Publishers Weekly

“...heartfelt...compassionate...practical...Give this book to your family, friends and rabbi. Recommended for all Jewish libraries.”
                           —Association of Jewish Libraries

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Recommended by Aish.com.
Serialized in The Jewish Press.

“Grief is the reflection of the love we share in life. This book brilliantly walks with us in our grief and helps us hang on to that love. Rabbi Bulka has given us a personal, compassionate and helpful look into the world of grief,”

David Kessler, a top grief expert & co-author
with the late Elisabeth Kübler-Ross of
On Grief and Grieving

After 40 years of counselling mourners as a rabbi and psychologist, Rabbi Bulka shares his soul-stirring journey in grieving for his parents, and shows how one can help oneself and others turn grief into gratitude.

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Chicken Soup with Chopsticks
A Jew's Struggle for Truth in an Interfaith Relationship

What happens when a nice Jewish boy falls in love with a Chinese lady? What happens when she is completely ignorant about the Jewish people? Should he pressure her to convert? How does he handle his parents who are very upset, and hers, who must be totally clueless?

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Meet the Author
Jack Botwinik

“... inspiring book,” Dennis Prager

“... required reading,” The Jewish Press

“... an invaluable resource,” Rabbi Reuven Tradburks

Chicken Soup with Chopsticks, depicts the challenges a Jew is confronted with in dating a Chinese woman, and how this interfaith dating experience leads them both to become committed to Judaism.

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Recommended by
Rabbi Kalman Packouz of Aish.com
Rabbi Michael Skobac of Jews for Judaism

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Chicken Soup with Chopsticks >>>